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One Wish


Blend a sexy tight end with a bad reputation and a gorgeous computer geek who doesn’t date.
Mix a make-out scene in a hotel linen closet and a pet rescue fundraiser.
Toss in two hilarious, quirky grannies who have only ONE WISH and get ready for a happily ever after!

Lilly Martelli’s first vacation in over a year has her on a mission to support her two busybody relatives in St. Helena. Helping the grannies bake stinky fruitcakes for their Christmas bake sale is bad enough, but being forced to co-host the fund-raiser with Mr.-Fun-in-the-pants Brett Benning might be too hot to handle.

Brett had hoped retiring from football, becoming a firefighter, and moving back to Napa Valley would be enough to repair his reputation. But he’s sick to death of the tiny town gossip, and tired of dating in the shallow end of the pool. He’s looking to score The One.

What are the odds he’d find her while helping with the annual bake sale? His smart and sexy co-chair has him eating out of her hands and asking for seconds of her grandmother’s nasty fruitcake. For the first time in his life, Brett might be in over his head.

One Wish is a standalone, sweet with heat romcom.

Grab your copy of One Wish now and fall in Love in the Vineyards, where the men will do anything for the women they adore, happily ever afters are around every corner, and love flows like wine.

Standalone Read
HEA Guaranteed


Kate Kisset, Love in the Vineyards Seriesn
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