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Summer at the Villa

Love in the Vineyards ~Boxed Set

Six Italian brothers in wine country? Yes, please.

A Summertime Romance Collection from USA Today Bestselling author Kate Kisset’s highly acclaimed Love in the Vineyards Series.

Summer at the Villa Includes the prequel Only Love, Recipes from the Villa, Kissing Luca, and the full-length novels Love at Last and Love’s Home Run.


Meet Hollywood heart throb Jamie Santino. After two box office bombs, he’s back in Napa Valley to shoot a movie that will make or break his career. The only thing he needs is baking lessons.

and Sarah Dupont…

After an awful break up that left her homeless and broke in San Francisco, Sarah’s finally settled into her new, small-town wine country life. She’s loving her new home at the villa where her roommates are her best friends and the landlord is the grandmother she always wanted.

With a fledgling bakery in the heart of Sonoma Valley, the last thing Sarah needs is drama.

So, when a notoriously sexy actor swaggers into her new business, flashing his Hollywood dimples, looking for baking lessons for his new movie role, Sarah's blindsided.

But Jamie, who's licking his wounds from a bad breakup, is entranced by Sarah's natural beauty and girl-next-door charm. One of the six billionaire Santino Brothers of Napa Valley Winery fame, he has a feeling Sarah might be the off-screen leading lady he's been looking for forever.

Wine flows and their passion has all the ingredients for everlasting love until a femme fatale from Jamie's past enters the scene.

How can Sarah believe Jamie isn't acting, when everything he says sounds too good to be true?


When a gorgeous baseball player accidentally hits Danica Vargas with his baseball, and visits her in the hospital, she doesn’t realize the outrageously sexy stranger is her former crush. Luca Santino is about five feet taller and a thousand times hotter than the last time she saw him.

In school, Luca’s best friend’s older sister Danica swatted his heart around like a ball… except when they were making out in her bedroom.

Back in Napa Valley a decade later with his semi-pro baseball team, Luca rediscovers the girl he loved. As a woman, she's even more captivating than he remembered. As a couple, their chemistry hits a home run every time.

But when an unexpected curveball involving Danica and Luca’s older brother comes out of left field, Luca will have to change his strategy if he wants to play for keeps.

Older and wiser, maybe this time, they’ll realize what started long ago wasn’t a game.

ONLY LOVE (Prequel)

Sarah Dupont thinks she has it all. Her award-winning San Francisco bakery is thriving, and her fiancé is the man of her dreams… until he’s not.


This is the “before” story of LOVE AT LAST and the very beginning of the LOVE IN THE VINEYARDS series.


What happened to Sarah Dupont to make her want to leave San Francisco and move sixty miles north to wine country?

And when she arrives, will will eventually become her one and Only Love?

KISSING LUCA (Micro prequel)

This is the adorable back story to LOVE'S HOME RUN where you’ll meet Danica and Luca back-in-the-day to when they were teenagers.


A collection of recipes featured in the books including:


*Mama Santino’s Pound Cake

*Sarah’s Moon and Stars cookies

*Lulu Castelli’s famous Sunday Gravy.

Grab your copy of Summer at the Villa and fall in Love in the Vineyards, where the men will do anything for the women they adore, happily ever afters are around every corner, and love flows like wine.

Kate Kisset Summer at the Villa Boxed Set
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