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Lonesome Cowboy

From USA Today bestselling author Kate Kisset, comes the sexy, small town, second-chance romance, Love Maker!

Boone Beckett has everything a twenty-eight-year-old hunky cowboy could possibly want: a top ten hit, a new ranch, perfect health… everything but the only woman he’s ever loved. 

So when Becca Barclay finally comes to her senses and moves back to Lonesome Montana, Boone is happy to forgive her for leaving.

Except she didn’t come back for him. 
And she didn’t come back alone.

But when Becca winds up cocktailing where Boone is singing, she can’t resist the way his sapphire eyes lock on hers from the stage. Did he write all those songs just for her?

And when he walks her out to the parking lot one night, and they end up doing everything in the car except drive, he makes her remember the way they used to be.

They can’t reminisce for long though because Boone’s first U.S. tour is starting, and Becca’s moving overseas. Life is about to pull them apart again.

The problem is Boone isn’t ready to say goodbye. 

What’s a Lonesome Cowboy to do to win her love permanently? 

You’d be surprised.


Grab your copy of Love Maker today and visit Lonesome Montana, where the cowboys are hotter than hell, and a happily ever after is as close as the next, “Well aren’t you beautiful, darlin’.”

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Kate Kisset - Love Maker- Lonesome Cowbo
Love Maker Kate Kisset - Lonesome Cowboy
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