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Dream Maker

Lonesome Cowboy

From USA Today bestselling author Kate Kisset comes the sexy, small town, best friend’s little sister romance, Dream Maker.

Colt Beckett is in the middle of launching the most expensive venture of his life.

The numbers man, and dream maker of the family, he’s in charge of his family’s investments and plays by the numbers. But he isn’t in charge of his emotions, not when it comes to her, the one person he’s broken every rule with.


Mariah Walker’s Instagram travel business is thriving. But when she decides to cover the opening of Dream Maker Ranch and Resort, she’s not looking for more followers, the only man she’s set on influencing is her brother’s hot best friend Colt.


She’s never forgotten that one night they spent together.

And after secretly meeting Colt in Dream Maker’s laundry room, her desire for him is on the spin cycle. She’s convinced he’s the only man for her.

Unfortunately, her brothers won’t take kindly to Colt messing around with their little sister.

She can’t tell a soul how she really feels. Certainly not her dad who has his own idea of a suitable match for her. He’s devising a cockamamie scheme to get her to marry his best friend’s son.

Will her father get his way, or will Colt become Mariah's personal dream maker?

Grab your copy of Dream Maker today and visit Lonesome Montana, where the cowboys are hotter than hell, and a happily ever after is as close as the next, “Well aren’t you beautiful, darlin’.”

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