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Husband Faker


From USA Today best selling author Kate Kisset, comes the steamy, small town romance, Husband Faker.


(For everyone who loves an arranged marriage trope with a billionaire groom, this is for you!) 


This fake marriage arrangement was only supposed to last for two days, a week at most.

I wasn’t even sure I liked Jack Hamilton. No one in town knew much about him. I mean, sure, he’s off the charts handsome, tall, muscular, with one of those panty dropping smiles—

But aren’t all billionaires stuck up and full of themselves?

I guess it doesn’t really matter because now I know for a fact his family hates me. I realize Jack and I are from two different worlds and nothing long lasting can ever happen between us.

But holy hell, my heart isn’t listening to reason.

Two bubble baths, a long afternoon in Jack’s arms, and one trip to Paris later, I think I’m in love. I want Jack to be my husband for real.


Now what am I going to do?

Standalone Read

Happily Ever After Guaranteed 


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