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Romance author Kate Kisset releases her third full-length novel. ~AND I LOVE YOU~ hits stores next m

Kate Kisset, Kate Kisset Books, And I Love You

:) This post deserves a banner headline!

I'm putting the finishing touches on book #3 of my series and can't wait for you to read AND I LOVE YOU, Juliet's story! This one has all the feels! I don't want to spoil anything, but you're not going to believe Gabe's secret...

Watch this space for more details and scroll down to check out the blurb I'm working on.



APRIL 2018

(First Look)

San Francisco radio disc jockey Juliet St. John, commutes from wine country to San Francisco in darkness.

Once at the top of her profession, with her own morning show, she’s been demoted to the career-ending pit of overnight radio.

A twist of fate finds Juliet broadcasting nightly from San Francisco’s latest hot spot, where she meets sexy chef-restaurateur, Gabe Durand.

Working side by side with a gorgeous chef creates a soundtrack made for love, but this restaurateur is hiding something in plain sight. If he can’t trust her with his secret, can she trust him with her heart?

When Juliet discovers Gabe isn't the man she thought he was, does the secret he’s been hiding make him a monster or the man of her dreams?

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