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Heartbreaker Sneak Peek (3)!

Pre-Order Heartbreaker now for only 99 cents!

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Hi everyone!

I can't wait for you to meet Harlan Beckett in Heartbreaker on August


I have treats for you today!

Big Treats.

You heard me, treats!

To tide you over until August 20th (when you'll meet my sexy cowboy Harlan and his drool-worthy brothers Boone and Colt in the flesh *wink, wink*), I've released the first three chapters of HEARTBREAKER on Bookfunnel so you can have a FREE taste right now!

Full Disclosure: I created this samples months ago before my manuscript was edited, so this is a raw version and subject to change, but the essence of the story is there! Get your FREE SAMPLE OF HEARTBREAKER HERE.

HEARTBREAKER kicks off my new Lonesome Cowboy Series August 20th. Each book will be a standalone read. If you love sexy, alpha cowboys who know what they want, and aren't afraid to lay it all on the line for the women they adore, you don't want to miss this series!

But, wait. It get's better!

Because Heartbreaker is being released in the Sweetest Obsessions Boxed Set, 23 additional romances are included in your order! Read all the stories, just a few, or only HEARTBREAKER, but whatever you do, don't miss this incredible deal!

Keep reading for the synopis and this week's special sneak peek of HEARTBREAKER!

Order Heartbreaker in the Sweetest Obsessions Boxed Set Now for only 99 cents!

Meet the Beckett Brothers!

Harlan, Boone and Colt Beckett share a fifty acre ranch just outside Lonesome Montana's city limits, You'll meet all the brothers in Harlan's story HEARTBREAKER. Boone and Colt's romances will soon follow!




When music journalist Georgia Monroe scores a once in a lifetime interview, she takes the first available flight out of New York straight to Lonesome, Montana.

About to be fired and desperate, a one on one with country music's rising star Boone Beckett, will put her career back on track.

Her plans unravel when she takes a detour on a country road, and the wrong Beckett brother finds her and holds her up at gunpoint. Bad boy Harlan Beckett, despises reporters. Famous for singing dirty lyrics and the break out hit, “Heartbreak Kid,” he’s been out of the limelight thanks to a story the press got all wrong. Besides Harlan, everyone else in the small town seems to be wearing a perpetual grin. Why is everyone so happy in place named Lonesome? Georgia’s about to find out. Her story changes when she’s coerced into staying at Harlan's Ranch and Discovers what Harlan’s been hiding. Along the way, she unearths the shocking secret of Lonesome.

Pre-order Heartbreaker now for only 99 cents!

Please add Heartbreaker to your "want to read" list on Goodreads!

Please add Heartbreaker to your "want to read" list on Goodreads!


HEARTBREAKER (Enemies to Lovers - slow-burn, STANDALONE read)


All rights reserved

(c) Kate Kisset

It’s a good thing he found her instead of his unpredictable and potentially dangerous neighbor. But why the most beautiful woman Harlan Beckett had ever seen was straddling his and old Jeb Mahoney’s property line in high heels and tight jeans was anyone’s guess. But Harlan had an inkling.

After confirming there wasn’t a drug deal going down behind the vegetation like the last time he was out checking fences, he’d bet a nickel and a donut he had another stalker on his hands.

It never failed to amaze him when someone managed to track him down, even all the way out here in Lonesome, on the fifty acres he shared with his brothers. This one was the prettiest stalker yet, but with only one oar in the water she wasn’t worth a second look. Batshit crazy. Been there. Done that. “What brings you out here, darlin’?”

The gorgeous blonde propped her delicate, trembling hands on her curvy hips. “You, sort of...”

“Cutting right to the chase. I admire it, I do, but you best turn around and go back to wherever you came from, darlin’. Harlan’s love kitchen is closed today.”

“Ha!” She threw her head back, puffing, trying to fool him, faking bravado. She shifted from one long, sexy leg to the other. “Not a chance. I’m here to interview your brother Boone. And do you mind putting your gun down...?” She frowned. “I thought you country boys were supposed to be polite.”

“You’re awfully confident for an uninvited snoop. Takes real guts to be shouting orders at someone pointing a gun at your cleavage.” Harlan eyed her again, letting his words sink in, hoping he sounded scary. After what happened to him, he couldn’t trust a damn soul, no matter how innocent they appeared.

Rethinking his need for a weapon, he studied her clothes. Her jeans were so tight he’d see the outline if she was carrying a gun. Harlan holstered his pistol. “I’m going to let it go this one time, sweetheart, but you’re trespassing.”

“Thank you.” She groaned, sounding agitated instead of grateful.

Harlan contemplated her pretty brown eyes, then her breasts and luscious hips. Mercy.

“Up here, please.” She ordered primly, straightening, pointing to her face. “So, about that interview? I can assure you I'm not a trespasser. I have an appointment with your brother and got a little…sidetracked.”

Harlan considered the way her blouse was haphazardly tucked in and chuckled as the pieces came together. “You weren’t taking a leak behind that gooseberry bush, were you?” Keeping a bead on her, he enjoyed the way he made her cheeks turn all shades of pink.

“No.” She tipped her head back, exposing her elegant neck while she inspected the clouds. “I-I was. I had some very impor— It’s none of your business what I was doing.”

“Whatever you say, darlin’.” Harlan shifted. “Wouldn’t be the first time some stalker peed out here. Nothing to be ashamed of.” He laughed. “You won’t find a gas station for another twenty miles.”

“If you’re finished hallucinating about bathroom breaks, your brother is probably wondering where I am. I’m letting the stalker comment slide, by the way.”

Harlan let her words drift into the wind. She was the one hallucinating now if she thought he’d let her anywhere near his brother. After the press destroyed Harlan’s career, he made it his mission to protect Boone’s. He planned to let the intruder off the hook for trespassing, but other than that, who the hell was she to ask for one damned thing?

She folded her arms, which made her ample breasts plump up, making him wonder if she had one of those push-up bras on, or if all that delicious creamy flesh was hers. Is she purposely trying to distract me?

“It’s getting late. I dropped my phone,” she explained, pointing over her shoulder, “so if you would kindly get in touch with Boone now, I’d appreciate it—"

“I never agreed to anything,” Harlan barked, coming out of his trance.

She held her ground and tapped her foot, which brought his attention to her long legs and then her curvy hips, to her waist, then her blouse and back down again. “Your brother will be very disappointed if you don’t,” he heard her say somewhere in the back of his mind, far, far, away from her legs. “Boone wants to do his first-ever interview with me, specifically.” The motion of her hand flitting in the air snared his attention. “It took us ages to set this up. He’ll be upset—"

Harlan leaned back, resting on one booted foot. He folded his arms now, studying her from under his brim, trying to read her. Boone hadn’t mentioned any interview, and they talked about everything. “Who exactly are you?”

Pre-order Heartbreaker now for only 99 cents!

Thanks for reading and ordering everyone! Heartbreaker and the Sweetest Obsessions Boxed Set is LIVE this Tuesday! We're three days away! Order the set now for only 99 cents!

The Sweetest Obsessions boxed set is LIVE this Tuesday!




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