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Heartbreaker Sneak Peek (2)!

One Month until Heartbreaker! Click here to pre-order for 99cents!

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for pre-ordering HEARTBREAKER! If you haven't reserved your copy of my first enemies to lovers cowboy romance, get your copy now while it's only 99 cents!

HEARTBREAKER kicks off my new Lonesome Cowboy Series August 20th. Each book will be a standalone read. If you love sexy, alpha cowboys who know what they want, and aren't afraid to lay it all on the line for the women they adore, you don't want to miss this series!

But, wait. It get's better!

Because Heartbreaker is being released in the Sweetest Obsessions Boxed Set, 23 additional romances are included in your order! Read all the stories, just a few, or only HEARTBREAKER, but whatever you do, don't miss this incredible deal!

Keep reading for the synopis and this week's special sneak peek of HEARTBREAKER!

Click the photo to pre-order HEARTBREAKER now for only 99 cents!

Meet the Beckett Brothers!

Harlan, Boone and Colt Beckett share a fifty acre ranch just outside Lonesome Montana's city limits, You'll meet all the brothers in Harlan's story HEARTBREAKER. Boone and Colt's romances will soon follow!

Wait 'til you visit Lonesome, Montana!




When music journalist Georgia Monroe scores a once in a lifetime interview, she takes the first available flight out of New York straight to Lonesome, Montana.

About to be fired and desperate, a one on one with country music's rising star Boone Beckett, will put her career back on track. Her plans unravel when she takes a detour on a country road, and the wrong Beckett brother finds her and holds her up at gunpoint. Bad boy Harlan Beckett, despises reporters. Famous for singing dirty lyrics and the break out hit, “Heartbreak Kid,” he’s been out of the limelight thanks to a story the press got all wrong. Besides Harlan, everyone else in the small town seems to be wearing a perpetual grin. Why is everyone so happy in place named Lonesome? Georgia’s about to find out. Her story changes when she’s coerced into staying at Harlan's Ranch and Discovers what Harlan’s been hiding. Along the way, she unearths the shocking secret of Lonesome.

Pre-order Heartbreaker now for only 99 cents!

Please add Heartbreaker to your "want to read" list on Goodreads!

Please add Heartbreaker to your "want to read" list on Goodreads!


HEARTBREAKER (Enemies to Lovers - slow-burn, STANDALONE read)


All rights reserved

(c) Kate Kisset

“Um, are you talking to me?” She asked timidly, afraid to take a step. Georgia got up on tiptoe and peeked over the branches. “Shit!” she gasped, and lost her footing when she saw the handgun. She threw out her hand to catch her balance and accidentally tossed her phone in the process, deep into the middle of the mass of thick, leafy branches. The device ricocheted against a few boughs, whooshed past a few more and then—nothing. If it hit the ground, it didn’t make a sound.

Harlan Beckett adjusted his aim at the center of her body.

A tight black T-shirt hugged his biceps, and his worn jeans clung in all the right places, right down to his boots. Scanning up over what were clearly rock-sold abs hiding under the fabric, to his massive shoulders, chiseled jaw, and dark blue eyes, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Trying to think, she focused on his right hand. Another sharp jolt of fear, the primal kind, tore through her system. She sucked in a deep breath, grasping at straws.

“Please put the gun down. I don’t mean any harm,” she squeaked, with her breath stuttering in her throat.

Harlan sneered.

What if all those rumors about him were true? What if he was a lunatic? Georgia considered making a run for it over the rock-covered hill to her right, or through the open field of weeds on her left. She’d meant to check in with her mom that morning, but got so distracted prepping for the interview she never got around to calling her. No one knew where she was. They'd never find her body.

"Come out from behind that gooseberry bush, and keep your hands where I can see ’em.”

Trembling, Georgia feebly lifted her arms and slowly crept out from behind the foliage. Her hands were shaking like dry branches in a tornado, her knees wobbled so violently she thought for sure she’d trip over her own feet again and take a header. She swallowed, searching for moisture in her straw-dry mouth and scanned the vast acreage around her, hoping for a way out.

Harlan kept his gun trained on her while he sauntered past her and checked behind the shrub. For what?

Pre-order Heartbreaker now for only 99 cents!

Thanks for reading and ordering everyone! Check back again next week for a sneak peek of Heartbreaker!


Order the Sweetest Obsessions Boxed Set before it goes away!



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Companion Stories: (Available Now) Kissing Mr. Mistletoe: (A Small-Town Christmas Romance) Now on Kindle Unlimited! (7/20/2019) Kissing Luca: Short story. (Micro Prequel: Danica & Luca when they were teenagers)

Kate Kisset Contemporary Romance

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