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Heartbreaker is LIVE! ~ Special Excerpt

A sexy, small town, enemies to lovers, romance!

Kate Kisset, Heartbreaker, Limited 99 cent release (8/20/2019)


Harlan glanced at the door to Belle’s Boutique and thought twice about going in. Gripping Georgia’s hand firmly, he led her away from the entrance, but only made it a few feet before the temptation overwhelmed him.

Questioning him silently, Georgia tilted her head up to his.

Feeling the heat and desire coming from her, Harlan leaned down without a word, inhaling her intoxicating scent, and kissing her once, twice, and again along her cheekbone.

“I know I could make you sing,” Harlan whispered, and it wasn’t just a line. He could clearly imagine how they’d be in bed together. He could hear her calling out his name in ecstasy, and it sounded like music.

The blush started at her neck and rushed to her cheeks. Georgia stepped back.


“Don’t say it,” he commanded, gently running his index finger across her lips.

“Don’t say no. Let’s just think about how we’d be together.”

And with that, he clasped her hand and led her to the store. “In here,” he said, opening the door for her, knowing she now had something a lot more exciting on her mind than shopping. “I’ll bet you’ll find everything you need in here.”

He’d take all the time in the world, and flirt with Georgia all day if that’s what she wanted.

A little bell chimed, announcing their entrance to the packed boutique, but Harlan didn’t need an introduction for people to turn and say hi. He grew up in Lonesome and knew everyone in the place. By the looks of the busybody proprietor, Tommy Smith’s grandmother, Belle—who peeked over the jewelry counter with her jaw hanging to her knees—it was a fifty-fifty bet this shopping spree would wind up in the paper.

Let everyone gape and gossip. Georgia didn’t deserve to be hidden. After checking out all the accolades and awards listed on her Wikipedia page, Harlan was amazed she wasn’t a snob.

“Anything you want.” He tucked down close to her ear, nuzzling in her soft hair for just a second before whispering again, “I’ll give anything you want.”

Georgia spun around. “Anything I want?” She gave him a half smile. “Why do you make it sound like I want something more than a hat?”

Playtime with Georgia. This was about to become one Harlan’s favorite activities. He leaned down low again, this time brushing his mouth against her earlobe.

“Because I can read your mind Peach, and what you really want can’t be done in this store—not discreetly, anyway.”

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Kate Kisset, Heartbreaker, Limited 99 cent release (8/20/2019)


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Book#1-Love at Last *Jamie Santino Book #2-Love's Home Run *Luca Santino Book #3-And I Love You *Juliet St. John Book #4-Love is a Wildfire Book #5-Say You Love Me *Leo Santino (2019) Road to Love *Nico Santino TBD

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Kate Kisset Contemporary Romance

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