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AND I LOVE YOU (Sunday Snippet) Love in the Vineyards Book #3

Kate Kisset, And I Love You (Love in the Vineyards Book #3)

AND I LOVE YOU is book three in my Love in the Vineyards series.

What's the series about?

Funny you should ask :)

❤️About Love in the Vineyards: It’s a small-town romance series centering around six very hot Italian brothers from a Napa Valley wine dynasty and three women who are roommates at nearby villa in Sonoma Valley.

(FYI: You don’t have to know anything about wine. My characters just drink it.)

The Santino brothers are strong, swoon-worthy, protective, loyal men who’ll do anything for the women they adore…

Although each book is a standalone read, this is one, large saga where families and close friends are connected and reappear throughout the series. ~Happily-ever-afters guaranteed~

Book #3 is Juliet St. John & Gabe Durand's story.

And I Love You, Kate Kisset (Love in the Vineyards Book #3)


Buy AND I LOVE YOU (Love in the Vineyards Book #3)

She’s the overnight DJ desperate for a caffeine infusion.

He’s the late-night bartender who has just what she needs.

If they play their cards right they might both get the refill of a lifetime.

Sunday Snippet

Kate Kisset, And I Love You, Contemporary romance


Everyone in the business knew the San Francisco radio market didn’t have overnight shifts anymore. Any voice on the air between midnight and five—except hers—was recorded. Which was why she needed coffee. A pharmaceutical would be helpful, but Juliet didn’t do drugs.

Thick fog threw bursts of spritz on the windshield as she wound her way into the quiet city. Turning her wipers on, she rounded the corner on Columbus, flicking a glance up as she always did, looking for her reassuring beacon.

The steepled Pyramid skyscraper across from the radio station was still there. Towering over the financial district with a few random office lights flickering, the building welcomed her back where she belonged. It felt like coming home at the wrong time.

At least the lights were on at the Blue Fog Bistro, and a warm glow filtered through the quaint, rose-patterned curtains. Juliet’s nightly coffee stop always made her heart tumble a little. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the coffee so much as the man behind the bar who had her lady parts humming to life.

Kate Kisset, And I Love You, Love in the Vineyards

Juliet grabbed her purse and empty travel mug and locked the car. Holding her keys so the pointy ends stuck out between her fingers, like she learned in self-defense class, she put on her best don’t-mess-with-me-sucka look and hustled to the restaurant. The nippy fog tickled her cheeks, so she zipped her jacket up to her neck. It was only after she entered the cliquey hotspot that she remembered it was Friday night.

Of course the sparkling, cozy dining room was packed. Warm fragrances of seafood, pasta, and other delicious aromas drew her eyes to the plates on the nearest table. Her stomach rumbled. The hipsters looked up from their dinners, checking her out with snooty vibes, making her immediately regret not taking more time getting ready for work. But in Juliet’s defense, she’d barely made it out of bed. Makeup, sexy perfume, and hot clothes were dead last on the list of priorities for sleep-deprived zombies.

Looking down at her faded yoga pants and scuffed-up boots, she considered two options: One. Turn around and escape. Two. Make her shoulders small, be as inconspicuous as possible, and sneak the few feet to the bar. The need for coffee won over vanity, and Juliet carefully placed her travel mug on the thick, shiny mahogany.

And prepared herself for the best greeting of the night. Gabe’s backside, encased in snug, well-worn denim, was practically shouting, hi, nice to meet you, as he leaned over to scoop ice into a metal container.

Man, oh man. And by that she meant he was all man.

Kate Kisset, And I Love You, Love in the Vineyards series

Here's whats planned for the series!


Love at Last *Jamie Santino Love's Home Run *Luca Santino And I Love You *Juliet St. John Love is a Wildfire *Michael Santino (July 2018) Say You Love Me *Leo Santino (Summer 2018) Road to Love *Nico Santino (Fall 2018) It Must Be Love TBD Best of My Love TBD My One and Only Love Companion Stories: *Kissing Mr. Mistletoe: Christmas in Napa *Kissing Luca: Short story. (Micro Prequel: Danica & Luca when they were teenagers) ***


LOVE AT LAST (Love in the Vineyards Book #1)

LOVE’S HOME RUN (Love in the Vineyards Book #2)

AND I LOVE YOU (Love in the Vineyards Book #3)

Kate Kisset, wine country romance, Love in the Vineyards

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

xo- Kate

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