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Love is a Wildfire (Sunday Snippet #6)

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She’s the brave firefighter he can’t forget. He’s the flame she can’t put out. When two sparks ignite, they’ll need to decide if LOVE IS A WILDFIRE.

I've been waiting to write Michael Santino's story since book #1!

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Michael Santino and Shae Hayes are coming in HOT

MICHAEL SANTINO is getting his happily-ever-after this Tuesday August 7th!


Keep scrolling for today's LOVE IS A WILDFIRE SNEAK PEEK!

My small-town contemporary romance series Love in the Vineyards, is set close to my home about an hour’s drive north of San Francisco in the Napa Valley area.

The series centers around six loyal, protective (and gorgeous), Santino brothers of Napa Valley and three women who live in a nearby villa in Sonoma.

Although each book is a standalone read, this is one, large saga where families and close friends are connected and reappear throughout the series.

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Love is a Wildfire: (Love in the Vineyards Book #4)


The fire jumped the ridge an hour after Shae and Engine 6 left the property.

Michael rounded everyone up, back to the winery and another fight for their lives began.

Time shifted on itself. Night turned to day, and evening to noon as each hour rolled frantically into the next, and spot fire after spot fire ignited all round them.

The wind shift at four a.m. worked in their favor though, and somehow, by daybreak, Santino Winery and its vineyards were still standing.

Michael stood beside his father and faced the ridge. The sun peeked through the smoke, making orange-brown swirls and filtering the blue sky. The surreal light rays pouring down from above were as beautiful as they were sickening.

“It’s going to be okay,” Michael attempted to soothe his father, but his voice wavered. How the hell did he know if everything was going to be okay? They were living on a prayer.

His father didn’t take his eyes off the ash-coated vineyards. “At least we already picked the sparkling wine and chardonnay. The harvest isn’t a total loss.” His dad’s weary brown eyes met his, and Michael struggled to come up with something—anything—to lift his spirits. Even though he’d retired, the vineyards would always be in his blood. It nearly shattered Michael to see his father looking so defeated.

He noticed his mom in the distance, giving orders to his brothers, who were working on the new fire break.

“I didn’t know Mom was coming. Should she be here?”

“She’s multitasking, set on keeping an eye on the house and you boys. Once your mother sets her mind on something, there’s no stopping her,” he flatly replied. “Trust me, I’ve tried.”

His mother caught Michael staring, picked up a shovel, and hightailed it over to him.

Leo and Nico followed protectively behind her. Parking in front of Michael, she gave him her famous don’t-mess-with-me glare while propping her hands on her hips.

“Do you have a problem with me helping?” she yelled over the wind. How did she do it? You’d think the smoke would interfere with her heebie-jeebie mind-reading powers.

She waited for Leo and Nico, the rest of her within-shouting-distance battalion, to line up. Maddie Santino eyed each one of her men while Michael held his breath.

“Michael, the fire department hasn’t called you up to volunteer for a reason. Captain Mahoney is furious that you wouldn’t evacuate, not that I blame you. But he says we’re going to have a hell of time here. Do you know what that means?”

Michael knew better than to open his mouth.

“It means we’re in this together,” she answered for everyone. “And that means me… All of us.”

“But,” Leo, was the only one with the balls to interrupt, “you’re our mo—”

“What?” She threw her hands up. “And I’m old and feeble now? I call my own shots, Leo. I know you mean well, but I know what I’m doing. And I know what I’m not doing. I’m not staying home like a weak, frightened old lady when my family needs me. I can do more than one thing at a time. How do you think I raised six boys? The house is fine for now. I’m far more useful here.”

“Mom,” Michael used the smile that always turned her into putty. “We’ve got this. You don’t have to worry.” He pointed to his father, who averted his eyes and gave the winery a once-over. “We’ve got our captain right here.”

Apparently, his mother was long over the effects of Michael’s smile, because she threw him her signature raised-eyebrow scowl, which was several notches above the don’t-mess-with-glare.

“I believe our eldest needs a little clarification,” she said, chuckling, turning to his father. “Why don’t you explain to Michael how this family works…” She folded her arms and started tapping her foot. But before she worked up to a steady rhythm, his dad wrapped his arm around her waist.

“I’ve got news for you, boys,” he said, barely keeping a straight face. “Your mother is the captain of this family. You, me, Jamie, Luca, and Gianni are on her ship, and she runs it. It’s been that way the whole time.” He laughed. “I’m just the front man.”

Copyright: Kate Kisset

I can't wait for you to read this story!!



LOVE AT LAST (Love in the Vineyards Book #1) (Now only 99 cents!)

LOVE’S HOME RUN (Love in the Vineyards Book #2)

AND I LOVE YOU (Love in the Vineyards Book #3)

LOVE IS A WILDFIRE (Love in the Vineyards Book #4)

love in the Vineyards Book #4 is now available for pre-order for 99 cents!


Book#1-Love at Last *Jamie Santino Book #2-Love's Home Run *Luca Santino Book #3-And I Love You *Juliet St. John Book #4-Love is a Wildfire Book #5-Say You Love Me *Leo Santino (Late 2018) Road to Love *Nico Santino TBD It Must Be Love TBD Best of My Love TBD My One and Only Love TBD Companion Stories: (Available Now) *Kissing Mr. Mistletoe: Christmas in Napa *Kissing Luca: Short story. (Micro Prequel: Danica & Luca when they were teenagers)

My fourth full length novel is almost here!

xo- Kate

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